Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Some Things I want to show

My Little brother ♥ cutieeee~

My sister and me ♥
(dont say something i know that i dont look good xD)
but it was just for fun :P

 My mother isnt she cute???
awwww~ ♥
My mother and me
(i know i dont look good again xD without make up :P -.-)

I made it myself
(from a shirt into shorts :D)

My first jacket i sew =)

Some of my drawing pictures =)

 My nailset and my first Nailart

My strawberries i plant last year
(cute mini Strawberry ♥)

a cute squirrel i saw... a pic i made in a disco..and a VfB soccer game i saw(i get it as a birthday gift =D)

And at last......

....Some delicious food... yum yum~


  1. Nicht nur du siehst da dumm aus xD hahahha voll toll gmeacht <3

  2. ja haha das stimmt xD :P dankeeeee ♥♥♥