Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012

Japanese Magazines

In Japan there are many Japanese Fashion Magazines(Gyaru Magazines) for example

- Ageha
- Popteen
- Egg
- I Love Mama
- SCawaii
- Cutie......

In these magazines you get some tips and ideas and the newest Trends about..Fashion... Hairstyles.... Make Up... Circle Lenses... Diet... and sometimes about the Gyaru life.

My favorite Magazine is Ageha

 Pages about Hairstyles (Model: Satomi Yakuwa)

 Hairstyles (Model: Satomi Yakuwa)

 Pages about Fashion

These are my Ageha Magazines 
(Models: Satomi Yakuwa..Shizuka Muto...Sayaka Araki...Maria Kurotaki)

In Germany you can only get these Magazines when you buy it on the Internet or you have to go to the 
OCSJapanStore in Düsseldorf or Frankfurt
I saw some of these Magazines in Ebay but they are more expensive then other Magazines 
(I think ca. 13$)

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